Hastings near top of deprived towns list

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HASTINGS has been ranked third in a list of the most impoverished larger coastal towns in the UK.

The report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), published this week, is based on analysis of 2010 data, and shows that only Blackpool and Clacton have higher average levels of deprivation in this category, which included 31 towns.

Data analysed included income, employment, health and disability, education and training, and crime, barriers to housing and services, and environmental deprivation.

Kevin Boorman, head of communications and marketing at Hastings Borough Council, said: “We have known about our economic position for some time, this is not new news and we, and many other organisations, are doing our best to improve it. The new buildings all over town are an indication of how much progress we are making.

The findings have been widely reported in the national press, and Mr Boorman added: “Publications such as the Daily Mail use ten-year-old pictures to illustrate the story.

“Misleading reporting like this really annoys me, and does the Mail no credit at all. Unfortunately, it also reflects badly on us”.