Hastings Lifeboat station becomes car wash

VOLUNTEERS from Hastings lifeboat station are set to make vehicles shine on Sunday.

Crew members will be washing cars as part of the RNLI’S annual SOS fund raising drive which involves more than 230 lifeboat stations across the UK and Ireland in a co-ordinated effort.

Just turn up on Sunday at the lifeboat station in the old town, between 10am and 2pm and make a minimum donation of £5.

Lifeboat Operations Manager at Hastings Peter Adams said: “We’re extremely proud of the way our boats gleam; it takes a lot of wax and elbow grease to make them shine.

“Seeing as we get so much practice we thought it’d be a good idea to make some of Hastings cars look as shiny as our lifeboat. We did the same thing last year and it proved to be really popular, so I would suggest you turn up early if you’re looking for the best hand car wash in town!”

The shop, visitors centre and viewing gallery at the lifeboat station will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with refreshments available on all those days. Visitors will also have an opportunity to chat with members of the lifeboat crew.

Lifeboat Cox Steve Warne said: “The annual SOS fundraising day is extremely important for us. It is the one day on which all the lifeboat supporters around the country come together in one big effort to keep the lifeboats and their volunteer crews saving lives at sea.”