Hastings has the most affordable homes


Hastings has more affordable homes for young families than anywhere else in the south east.

Figures released by housing charity Shelter this week revealed more than 95 per cent of properties are unaffordable for families looking to buy their first home.

However, Hastings bucked the trend with 22 per cent of the town’s houses affordable.

The housing charity analysed asking prices for thousands of properties for sale throughout the region and compared them with the mortgage an average family buying their first home could afford.

Exposing the depth of the region’s housing shortage, the research revealed only four per cent of homes for sale in the South East are affordable for families that need at least two bedrooms and less than one per cent are affordable for larger families looking for homes with three bedrooms or more.

Nine of the areas surveyed – including Tanbridge and Waverley – had no homes which were affordable to families buying for the first time, according to Shelter’s figures.

Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said: “More than 95 per cent of homes on the market are off limits for a typical family in the south east, and this is nothing short of a scandal.

“Decades of failing to deliver the homes we need is leaving millions trapped in expensive and unstable private renting, or in their childhood bedrooms, with barely a hope of saving for a home of their own.

“It’s no wonder that a week out from election day, affordable housing is a key concern for those heading to the polling booths.”

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