Hastings Electronics and Radio Club

On Wednesday, February 25, the club held its AGM, where Gordon Sweet (M3YXH) now stands as Chairman, Leon Heller (G1HSM) as vice-chairman, and Rodney now being entitled as electronics consultant.

The rest of the existing committee were re-elected en-bloc by the members with Rob (M0LYD) taking the position of minutes secretary for the club.

Following the AGM, members participated in ‘Bring your Thing’, an evening where members bring along often unusual items of interest and give a brief talk about them. Jakey (G3JKY) brought along a full-sized trombone which he had ingeniously converted into an antenna tuner, while John Heys (G3BDQ) was represented with a superb home-made valve transmitter.

Other members attended with a diverse selection of items which were enjoyed by the club members.

Later this month on Wednesday, March 25, Richard Putnam (G0ILN) will be giving a talk, In celebration of Morse which take place at the Taplin Centre with the doors opening at 7.30pm. Visitors are always made welcome.

For more details about joining the Hastings Electronics and Radio Club or wish to make an enquiry about taking an amateur radio licence, please visit http://www.herc-hastings.org.uk/ or contact Gordon Sweet, the club secretary on 01424 431909. Email gordonsweet2000@yahoo.co.uk.