Hastings Electronics and Radio Club

THIS week has been a busy month for the local radio club which held both its annual field day barbecue at Fairlight and held a very interesting meeting at the Taplin Centre where a talk by Mike Hedges G0JHK was given on the subject of WW2 RAF Wireless Operators of which he was one himself.

The barbecue field day began at 9am on June 22, and saw members set up their equipment at the Fairlight Country Park to begin operating on the HF bands and enjoy a social gathering for which members of the general public, also visiting Fairlight, popped over now and again to express interest in the radio activities that were taking place.

Phil G3MGQ the club’s RSGB-approved trainer was present to answer any and all questions about licencing for new individuals, and along with Rob M0LYD the clubs vice president and others, spent the day under a gazebo gaining distant radio contacts as well as some within the United Kingdom using one of the clubs early special callsigns, G6HH which is known as “Happy Hastings”.

On June 25, Mike Hedges gave a very insightful presentation on his experiences as a WW2 signalman, a wireless operator, during his service while posted out in the southernmost part of Saudi Arabia. While on a sea journey to his destination in Saudi, the ship he was traveling on with other military personnel, the Empire Trooper, was later discovered to be a German troop carrier which had been captured by the HMS Belfast in 1939 near the Faroes while on a homeward bound journey from the South Americas.

Mike recounted his operations from an air-control tower to send and receive Morse code communications for which he had been trained at the number 3 radio operating school in the United Kingdom at Compton Bassett to a standard of 30 words per minute. Mike’s talk was enjoyed by all present and we hope that he will return again in the future.

Next month the club will be holding its summer auction at the Holy Redeemer Church hall and is will be open to the general public if they wish to attend. The auction will have a selection of used radio and electronics equipment and components with the doors opening at 1.30pm and bidding due to start at 2.15pm and auctioneered by Phil, G3MGQ.

The club is also planning a Live Amateur Radio Demonstration later this year which is designed to encourage local residents to visit and learn about amateur radio and get a hands-on demonstration of various types of radio equipment. Details of this will be released in the near future once they are confirmed.

Please contact gordonsweet2000@yahoo.co.uk for further details if you intend to visit the club at any time, all are very welcome and will be met by friendly faces. The club is always pleased to advise and help those interested in taking their licence. The club’s official site can be found at http://www.herc-hastings.org.uk.