Hastings Electronics and Radio Club

EACH month the club holds a regular meet for members at the Taplin Centre in Maze Hill, St Leonards where talks are given on a variety of electronics and radio related subjects.

As of now, the club is actively seeking additional speakers who would be prepared to give talks on a club meeting night. Should anyone wish to give a talk at the club please contact the club secretary using the details below. All applications from speakers are most welcome.

Following recent discussions within the club committee, the club is pleased to announce that it will be upgrading its radio facilities at the Taplin Centre with new radio equipment during 2014 which will provide a significant boost to new licensees and existing members alike.

The new facilities will be provided by the club and its members and will be free to use and enjoy for anyone who is interested in the hobby, whether they be a shortwave listener, a potential DX contester, interested in digital modes, Morse code, antenna construction and design and other exciting areas of amateur radio.

In recent years, the club has helped amateurs aged over 80, and young as 12 to pass their amateur radio license and actively supports new licensees as they take their first steps into the hobby and new visitors or members of the public looking to take their amateur radio license are always welcome to attend a monthly meet to find out more about the hobby and enquire about license training in person.

Wednesday, February 26 saw the club’s AGM take place where the committee was re-elected unanimously by those present, with Wilf Gaye (M0GYE) remaining in chair and Robert Beck (M0LYD) moving into vice-chair. All other committee positions remained as they were.

On Wednesday, March 26, the monthly meeting speaker is Ken Brooks who will be giving a presentation on Hastings In Wartime at the Taplin Centre. Visitors are very welcome to attend. Please contact gordonsweet2000@yahoo.co.uk beforehand for further details if you intend to come. The club’s official site can be found at www.herc-hastings.org.uk.