Hastings Electronics and Radio Club

THE meeting held last month at the Taplin Centre was a ‘Bring your thing‘ mystery evening for all to guess the items brought along by the members.

Richard Putnam (G0ILN) brought an extractor tool for installing glands from water pumps, a WW2 aircraft fitter’s tool called a “Clampit” for holding two sheets of aluminum together and some interesting scaling dividers probably from the 1920s era used by architects and engineers as well as antique tongs that was used for moulding lead bullets.

Paul Waldock (M0LRE) brought various equipment to demonstrate the D-Star system allowing combined digital voice and data communications who explained some of the benefits of digital over analogue communications.

Arthur Gould (G3JKY) showed an early transmitter he had built and Gordon Sweet (M3YXH) demonstrated a home-brew strobe lamp as well as a miniature video and stills camera.

The club has no further meetings this year but will recommence its monthly meets from Wednesday, January 22, 2014.