Hastings Electronics and Radio Club

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THE meeting held on May 22 was a Construction Contest and produced some interesting projects by members.

Rodney demonstrated a Power Delay Line Stabilised Oscillator using earlier TTL Logic ICs. Leon showed a modern 32 bit RISC microprocessor now selling at only around £1.

Gordon showed a simple dual bridge for determining the values of Resistors and Capacitors, while Wilf showed both a Z Match for antenna matching, along with a Noise Bridge for testing antennae.

Arthur showed a CTCSS kit under construction now needed to access most UK Amateur Radio Repeaters. He explained how he overcome the need to change frequencies for different repeaters. The competition was won by Wilf for his Aerial Tuning Unit.

The next event will be on Saturday, June 29 a Field Day using Amateur Radio Transmitting equipment and barbecue. It is to be held from 9am to 9pm at Hastings Country Park, Fairlight.

The club also has aerials installed by kind permission of the directors of the Taplin Centre where most meetings are held. Visitors are always very welcome.

The club also runs comprehensive courses of training to qualify for all three levels of the Amateur Radio Transmitting Licence. For more details, visit www.radioclubs.net/herc/ or for any more information contact Gordon on 01424 431909 or at g6hhherc@yahoo.co.uk.