Hastings Electronics and Radio Club

THE club’s AGM, held on February 27, was well-attended.

There being no other nominations, the existing committee was re-elected unanimously. Although the accounts showed a deficit this year, this was due to the cost of replacing the colour laser printer for our monthly magazine.

The treasurer and chairman however anticipated that the annual subscriptions, due in April, would remain unchanged. After the AGM, members and the three visitors enjoyed a video by Roger, G4ROJ, demonstrating how to fly a kite aerial successfully.

The next meeting will be an illustrated talk on the development of radio controlled aircraft by the 1066 Model Flying Club at the Taplin Center on March 27 at 7pm.

With the short-wave aerial recently installed by kind permission of the directors of the Taplin Centre, both HF and VHF amateur radio equipment can now be demonstrated to visitors on club nights.

The club also runs comprehensive courses of training to qualify for all three levels of the Amateur Radio Transmitting Licence. For more details, visit www.radioclubs.net/herc/ or for any more information contact Gordon on 01424 431909 or at g6hhherc@yahoo.co.uk.