Hastings Electronic and Radio Club

A VERY interesting video show took place at the monthly meeting held on November 25.

It showed extracts from three DVDs painstakingly compiled by Steve Stallworthy G1LZS from a collection of videos and film taken over the past by members of the various club activities.

One was an inventory of the very large collection of equipment of the late John Taplin G3HRI. This included transmitting and other historical equipment, such as former WW2 military transceivers widely used by radio amateurs in the past including spy receivers.

It also included many early valve radios and crystal sets, and a demonstration of a very early gramophone player using cylindrical discs. Other videos were taken of outdoor Transmitting contests with barbecues, along with club auctions, and one showing the tall aerial mast erected near the Ashdown Centre once used for club meetings. See http://www.sigord.co.uk/SF/John_Taplin.htm

The club runs comprehensive training courses to qualify for all three stages of the Amateur Radio Transmitting Licence.

The next club meeting will be as usual at the Taplin Centre, Upper Maze Hill, St Leonards. For more details visit http://www.radioclubs.net/herc/ and http://g4cus.mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/ All inquiries – call Gordon on 01424 431909 or at g6hhherc@yahoo.co.uk