Hastings eco-campaigner spreads no plastics message at St Leonards school

Hastings ‘no-plastics’ campaigner and entrepreneur Izzy Crouch took her message to pupils at St Leonards Cof E Primary Academy.

Tuesday, 14th May 2019, 8:27 am
Izzy Crouch talking to pupils. SUS-190705-211935001

She met with Year 1 children to speak with them about the dangers of pollution.

Izzy, 33, and founder of online no-plastics shop www.noplasticshop.co.uk, said: “The talk went really well. I took some of the litter I found on our beach, only five minutes from the school, and discussed how dangerous it can be to marine life.

“We then talked about micro plastics and how plastic doesn’t decompose, and how this affects sea creatures in the deepest part of the ocean. We looked at photos of the anglerfish and the blob fish, which are also severely affected by dumped plastics.”

Marie Burgess, headteacher, said: “I was pleased to welcome Izzy and see how engaged the children were with the topic. One action on our part is to investigate different ways we can reduce the use of plastic in the school, such as avoiding the lamination of classroom displays. We all have a role to play and as educators, we should do our bit too.”

Izzy added: “I was impressed how knowledgeable the children were about the subject, at such a young age, and how interested they were in exploring ways to reduce plastic, such as avoiding sweet wrappers and straws. They are also determined to remind adults to take shopping bags and a bottle of water when they go out. We also discussed other tasks we can do to help preserve our environment, such as litter picks and writing letters. All the children have agreed to write to the company that supplies cartons of milk, to ask them to replace plastic straws with paper ones.”

The children have also been tasked with a science experiment, where they will put materials such as paper and plastic in salt water for the term’s duration, and observe what happens to it over that period.

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