Hastings Central Townswomen’s Guild

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AT their meeting on July 26, members were welcomed by the chairman, Barbara Nevill.

She welcomed Ellen Catt, the treasurer who had been away for several months with a bad leg and she also welcomed a brother and sister from Wiltshire Farm Foods. They told us how the family firm started and how they served 260 different meals for customers’ choice. They were delivered at the door to be placed in the freezer for future eating. They could also serve dietary foods and special foods such as gluten free meals.

They were thanked by the chairman and after tea, she had the minutes read and covered the different outings.

One was by a member of the federation to a Llama Park on August 13 and one to Chatham Dockyards on September 16. There will be a special Christmas Fayre at St Martha’s Church Hall at Little Common where we will have a stall and members were asked to bring items for it.

The next meeting will be at Hastings Unitarian Church, South terrace on September 27 at 2.30pm.

All ladies will receive a friendly welcome.