Hastings Central Townswomen’s Guild

THE members were welcomed by the chairman, Barbara Nevill.

The meeting started with the speaker Sue Bridge, who gave a very interesting talk with slides about her holiday in the Land of the Maya, a people who lived around Belize, showing their temples, many of which gave the stories in stone of the kings and nobles of an ancient tribe who flourished between AD300 and AD900.

Facial beauty was a flat narrow head with a large nose and they had strange names, such as No 8 Rabbit. She went to Belize, which is in the Bay of Mexico.

Only the nobles lived in temples, the workers lived in thatched houses. Many of whom are left live in these.

She was thanked by Mrs Nevill and after tea the business meeting began.

The outing to the windmill was very successful and those who went were welcomed by the volunteers, who also showed us around the mill.

The next Federation meeting is on November 19 with Hastings Central Townswomen’s Guild providing the tea and coffee at Little Common.

Through lack of support the Christmas lunch will be postponed and a meal will be organised in January.

The next meeting will be on October 26 at Hastings Unitarian Church, South Terrace, from 2.30pm. A welcome to any lady who wishes to attend.