Hastings breaks the mould with a carnival king and Britain’s first transgender attendant

Hastings Carnival Sea Court SUS-180308-101659001
Hastings Carnival Sea Court SUS-180308-101659001

Hastings Old Town carnival is celebrating its 50th year.

And the carnival is setting the trend by moving away from the traditional Carnival Queen concept by having a Sea Court and what is claimed to be Britain’s first transgender attendant.

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Keith Leech, Chairman of Hastings Old Town Carnival, said: “Hastings is a vibrant town and often the first to do things a little differently.

As it is the 50th year of carnival it was decided that we would move in to the 21st century with our carnival court.

“We therefore have a new sea court with both a Sea King and Sea Queen that is open to anybody of any age or gender.

We therefore have a carnival Sea Queen who is in her 70s, a Sea King in his 20s and an attendant who is transgender and in her 20s.

“We were very concerned how they would be accepted by the community and other carnivals. They have been more than accepted they have been welcomed by everybody as the way ahead.”

75 year old Marion Bane is this year’s Hastings Old Town Sea Queen. Monica was a local Carnival Queen in the 1970’s.

Dominic Cockerton, 24, is Sea King

Sophia Alexa Evans, 41, Carnival Sea Court Attendant said she wanted to be a part of the Court to promote transgender awareness

Hastings Old Town carnival is this Saturday August 4 at 5pm starting from Rock-a-Nore Road.

Rai Hickflay, 34, is an Honorary Attendant.