Hastings Borough Council candidates announced

Hastings Borough Council
Hastings Borough Council

The final list of candidates for the upcoming Hastings Borough Council election has been revealed today (Monday, April 9).

The election, to be held on May 3, will see Hastings residents electing two councillors in all 16 of the town's council wards.

The Conservatives, Green Party and Labour are each standing two candidates in all 16 wards - a total of 32 candidates for each party. Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats are fielding two candidates (a total of 30 candidates) in all but Old Hastings ward, after making a unilateral decision to stand aside for the Greens there.

Three other parties - The For Britain Movement, The Democrats and Veterans Party and UKIP - are each standing a single candidate. UKIP is standing a candidate in Gensing ward, while The For Britain Movement and the Democrats and Veterans Party are both standing candidates in Castle ward.

See below for a breakdown of the candidates by ward. All candidates appear in the order they appear on the ballot.

Ashdown: Gabriel Carlyle (Green); Lex Coan (Lab); Mike Edwards (Con); Lindsey Fellows (Lib Dem); Paul Robert Homer (Green); Sorrell Marlow-Eastwood (Con); Steve Thorpe (Lab); Robert Wakeford (Lib Dem).

Baird: Warren Davies (Lab); John Faulkner (Lib Dem); Terry Fawthrop (Con); Susan McDougall (Lib Dem); Chris Petts (Green); Peter Pragnell (Con); Judy Scott (Green); Mike Turner (Lab).

Braybrooke: Sue Beaney (Lab); Jason Brooker(Lib Dem); Mark Charlesworth (Con); Michael Davies (Lib Dem); Janet Grigg (Con); Sally Phillips (Green); Dominic Sabetian (Lab); Gerald Turner (Green).

Castle: Graeme Hampton (Green); Leah Levane (Lab); Nick Perry (Lib Dem); Charlotte Lowenna Potter (Green); Stewart Gregory Rayment (Lib Dem); Judy Rogers (Lab); John Sydes (Con); Kevin Tomlin (Con); Steven Anthony Ward (The For Britain Movement); Graeme James White (Democrats and Veterans Party).

Central St Leonards: Sherry Clark (Green); Sue Clarke (Con); Ruby Cox (Lab); Stephen Milton (Lib Dem); Milan Upendrakumar Rai (Green); Tony Seymour (Lib Dem); Trevor Webb (Lab); Graeme David Williams (Con).

Conquest: Peter Francis Bolwell (Green); Ian Bunch (Lib Dem); Margaret Burns (Lib Dem); Nicholas Davies (Lab); Ken Davis (Green); Paul Foster (Con); Andy Ives (Lab); John Rankin (Con)

Gensing: Craig Andrew (Con); Catherine Burrows (Con); Pamela Ann Croft (UKIP); Will Davis (Green); Colin Fitzgerald (Lab); Kim Forward (Lab); Lee Grant (Lib Dem); Karen Simnett (Green); Sue Tait (Lib Dem).

Hollington: Paul Barnett (Lab); Nigel Barry (Con); Joel De-Roe (Con); Maya Evans (Lab); Anne Gallop (Lib Dem); Arkady Johns (Green); Mike Lushington (Lib Dem); Sarah Macbeth (Green).

Maze Hill: Paul Hunt (Lib Dem); Brekke Larsen (Lab); Rob Lee (Con); Chris Lewcock (Lib Dem); Beccy McCray(Green); Andy Patmore (Con); Chris Saunders (M- Green); Mike Southon (Lab).

Old Hastings: James Bacon (Lab); Alan Hay (Con); Julia Hilton (Green); Dany Louise (Lab); Andrea Helen Needham (Green); Lisa Rankin (Con).

Ore: Andrew Battley (Lab); Heather Bishop (Lab); Jenny de Vuyst (Green); James Dee (Con); Oliver Devaux (Con); Hunter-Burbridge (Lib Dem); Gary Rolfe (Green); Kate Tudgay (Lib Dem).

St Helens: Andy Batsford (Lab); Antonia Berelson (Lab); Lucy Mary Brennan (Green); Martin Clarke (Con); Emlyn Jones (Lib Dem); Bob Lloyd (Lib Dem; Matt Lynch (Con); Carol Susan Prior (Green).

Silverhill: Dave Carey-Stuart (Green); Claire Hamill (Con); James Hollis (Con); Margi O’Callaghan (Lab); Chris Saunders (F- Green); Nigel Colin Sinden (Lab); Jon Smalldon (Lib Dem); Susan Stoodley (Lib Dem).

Tressell: Phil Broad (Lib Dem);Tania Charman (Lab); Peter Chowney (Lab); Terry Keen (Con); Oliver Maloney (Lib Dem); Patrick Millar (Con); Catherine Taylor (Green); Christopher William Whitrow (Green).

West St Leonards: Karl Beaney (Con); Matthew Beaver (Con); Peter Clarke (Lib Dem); Becca Horn (Green); Matthew McDonnell (Green); Eve Montgomery (Lib Dem); Julia Price (Lab); Anne Rouse (Lab).

Wishing Tree: Nina Blanch (Lib Dem); Trica Kennelly (Lib Dem); Abby Nichol (Green); Alan Roberts (Lab); Phil Scott (Lab); Thad Skews (Green); Bexx Veness (Con); John Waterfall (Con)