Hastings born MP Sarah Owen slams Piers Morgan for mocking the Chinese language on live TV

Hastings born MP and former Hastings parliamentary candidate has slammed Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan for mocking the Chinese accent live on national television earlier this week.

Friday, 24th January 2020, 1:17 pm

The incident, where Morgan started making noises in an attempt to mimic the language, has led to nearly 1,000 complaints being made to television watchdog Ofcom.

Sarah, who is Anglo-Chinese tweeted: “I can’t believe I am having to write this. There are over a million Chinese, East Asians and those of mixed heritage, like myself, living in the UK.”

She later said: “It allows an environment where it’s permissible to racially mock Chinese and east Asians. It’s so disappointing.”

Ms Owen, who said she will be complaining to Good Morning Britain, added: “This ilk of commentator - Piers Morgan, Katie Hopkins, Laurence Fox - use being controversial as a platform. And there hasn’t been the outrage you would expect had he mocked another ethnicity.”

When Sarah Owen was a candidate in Hastings she campaigned to keep The Ridge Fire Station open and also campaigned to keep maternity services at the Conquest Hospital.