Hastings Arts Forum talk

“WHAT are those pointy things over there?” is the subject of a talk at the Hastings Arts Forum, Marina, St Leonards, at 7.30pm on Monday November 28.

The pointy thing in question is the St Leonards own pyramid, over the grave of the founder of Burtons’ St Leonards, builder James Burton, designed by James’s architect son Decimus.

The speaker, architect Stephen Gray, will explain that the genesis of the St Leonards pyramid probably lies in the influence of another of Burton’s sons, the Egyptologist James who was the first in modern times to enter the tomb of the sons of Rameses II in the Valley of the Kings.

His talk will discuss facts and ideas surrounding the structure of pyramids including the latest theories generated by explorations in Sudan and Egypt of a landscape-inspired genesis for these extraordinary architectural forms.

This talk is one of a series organised by the Burtons’ St Leonards society as part of a programme of events to mark the 250 anniversary of the birth of James Burton.