Hastings and St Leonards Chess Club

THE local club tumbled to embarrassing defeat in the county’s most prestigious competition, the McArthur Cup K.O.

For whatever reason one key player unprecedentedly simply forgot the fixture and didn’t show up and with no travelling reserve - who would have foreseen the need? - we were immediately one point down in the 6-board Final at Brighton and Hove.

Obviously that changed the whole dynamic of the match and left us playing desperate catch up and Brighton starting with a flyer. Brighton could put up the shutters and won one and drew four of the five contested games. Draws from Francis Rayner, Bernard Cafferty, Bob Elliston, and Andrew Fleming, with Ollie Willson going down. Thus 4-2 to Brighton.

We reported a few weeks ago that Club Secretary Ken Lucas had won the Pelton Cup (the second tier championship) with games to spare. With runner-up placings now settled Lucas had 8½ points from 11 games; Jeremy Hudson was second with 7½ and Keith Hossack third on 7.

The third tier went to a play off. Greg Chandler and George Jelliss both finished with 5½ from 7 games. with Umberto Jozwiak third on 5. The play-off was then tied 1-1 so George and Greg agreed to share the title.

It is unfortunate that in Pelton and Rush Cups some players failed, for no good reason we can see, to complete their programme - bad show.