Hastings and St Leonards Chess Club

THE friendly match at home to Wanstead & Woodford the other week was a close run thing, and indeed finished all square. The east Londoners brought 17 players to Hastings, so 8½-8½ was the final score with the home team coming from behind to win the last couple of games to finish to tie the match.

The Hastings winners were Steve Blewitt, Anna Pontonutti, Ken Lucas, Keith Hossack, Colin Hooker, Umberto Jozwiak and Roy Richardson; with draws contributed by Ollie Willson, Ray Brooks and Jeremy Hudson. Space and diplomacy inhibit us from listing the seven members of the home team who failed to score.

One interesting aspect of the match was the participation of a blind player for the visitors. Chess is one of those rare games where, with special equipment, blind players can play sighted players on level terms; indeed, on this occasion the blind player won. Information at www.braillechess.org.uk.

The club’s summer tournaments are now almost over so may as well be summarised as best we can now.

Alfredo Luaces beat Paul Kelly by 1½ to ½ in the final of the Anslow Cup, both having won their sections. The second division, the Bradley Martin Cup, went to Greg Chandler, who won his last game against his closest rival to score 5 points from 6 games.

The Winser Trophy K.O. was won by Paul Kelly, and the plate contest, the Dent Cup, was won by Robert Smart.

The Whyte Cup rapidplay was a runaway win for Rasa Norinkeviciute who scored 13 points from 14 games. The second division Rider Trophy remains however unfinished: Alfred Mikurenda leads but may yet be caught by Adrian Cload.