Hastings and St Leonards Chess Club

THE Hastings Club were trounced in last Saturday’s friendly match at Bexhill.

The match was played in an amiable albeit competitive spirit but this is perhaps once too often that the ‘junior’ club have put one over their seniors and there are dark Hastonian mutterings about beefing up the team next time round to put the Bexhillians in their place.

The final score was 19½-12½ to Bexhill in a contest of rapidplay games, 15 minurtes to each player for each game. The Hastings Pool A squad were walloped 12½-3½ and it was left to the Pool B players to score 9-7 for some overall respectability.

Our Pool A scores: Mason Woodhams 1½, Ken Lucas 2, Con Power 0, Alfred Mikurenda 0. And Pool B: Keith Hossack 3, George Jelliss 3, Umberto Jozwiak 2, Lona Steuart 1.

Finally, a little plug for the Bexhill Chess Club who meet in relaxed and sociable surroundings on Tuesday and Saturday afternoons. Details from Joe Sharp 01424 715753, jclsharp@btinternet.com.