Hastings and Rother U3A

Well, all I can say is what a surprise David Allen’s talk about the weird and wonderful world of the law proved to be! Members were rocking with laughter throughout.

The direction the talk would take was clear from the first, as he commented that being in the Round Room at Azur was like being on a film set and four weddings and three funerals were to be catered for shortly.

Having started with a quotation from Dickens’ Mr Bumble about the law being an ass, David recounted Dickens’ rather unconventional matrimonial arrangements and underlined the restricted lives of women in 19th century England.

He then launched into examples of where the law can be seen as an ass, mainly, he felt, because our society has become tainted with the American need to sue. Examples ranged from the need to label packets of peanuts with the words ‘may contain nuts’, a man who sued because burgers made him fat, the need of a council to rename spotted Dick, spotted Richard.

Members were also advised of the need to conduct a risk assessment before inviting someone to tea, in case they later sued as a result of an accident in your house!.

During his performance David was ably assisted by one of the U3A members, Lesley, who showed her versatility as a dog sinking her teeth into David playing a burglar a only for the burglar to be presented with the necessary notice advising him he has been bitten and to seek medical advice.

Lesley also played a antique clock striking, when members were advised about wills, and told us about one individual who believed he would wake up after death and be hungry, so he had his servants serve dinner outside his mausoleum until his money ran out, which took many years.

One of his examples of contributory negligence caused particular mirth. A Mrs Sayers, who was a lady of very generous proportions, looked at herself in the reducing mirror in the toilet which flattered her that she was thin. When she became locked in a cubicle, she tried to climb out a skylight by climbing first on the toilet seat and then on the toilet roll holder!

This last act meant it was one of the first cases of contributory negligence and her settlement for her injury was reduced by half!

Entertaining throughout and as one member observed David would certainly have made an impression at RADA!

If you weren’t there you missed a treat.

The next event will be a group activity day on October 27, 10am to 11.30am at St Peter’s Community Hall, Bexhill Old Town, when members can find out about the wide range of activities available within the organisation.

On November 24 Mark Perry Nash will be speaking at Azur about Glory Days of the Great Atlantic Steamers. The meeting starts at 10.30am, with coffee served from 9.45am.

Visitors are welcome to attend two sessions before deciding whether to join. It costs £17 to join for the year and then all talks are free. You can find out further details about how to join by ringing Sian Trevellion on 07970 727180.