Hastings and East Sussex Philatelic Society

Society meetings in May took place rapid succession, due to an election and a double booking.

The first, on May 8, visiting speaker Grace Davies showed Pages From Peace. A thematic display, unique to Grace, illustrated many aspects, from the end of the Boer War, through two world wars and beyond.

Peace stamps and postal stationary have been issued worldwide. The peace treaties and conferences, The League of Nations, that failed to prevent the Second World War, United Nations formed after, that has done much to promote peace, though not always successful in preventing further bloodshed.

Grace’s display included: Peace and Commerce; Symbols of Peace; Places named Peace; Hotels named Peace; Philatelic Crusade for Peace and a section on the Peace Rose.

After a refreshment break Grace showed the story of Alfred Nobel, multi-millionaire businessman and inventor, whose estate finances the awards in his name. Nobel is most famous for the patent of dynamite, most of his wealth, however, came from oil.

The first Peace Prize awarded in 1901, continues to the present day. Grace showed the recipients on stamps, postcards, covers and other material including interesting correspondence.

A thoroughly entertaining evening, Grace won a Gold medal at Stampex, not difficult to see why.

The Society visited The Cinque Ports Society, Folkestone on Monday, May 12 and held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday, May 15. Future dates are June 19, members evening, (Displays for the letters A,B,C and D), Paul Cahill visits on July 3, showing French Colonies airmail. The last meeting of the season takes place on July 17, an auction and informal evening, all are welcome.

Meetings take place on the first and third Thursdays at the John Taplin Centre, Healey House, Upper Maze Hill, St Leonards. Guests always welcome. Further details from Tony Calton 01424 434496.