Hastings and District Anglo-French Club

WE had a very lively and entertaining afternoon on November 12 when Brigitte Adam discussed with us “La France et les Français vus d’ailleurs”.

Having lived and worked in England for many years, she understands well the British ideas of a stereotypical French person. On the other hand, being French herself, she also knows the truth and was able to give us many actual statistics.

The biggest surprise for some of us English people at the meeting was that the stereotypes were not as far from the truth as we had expected! But perhaps that is because, though we considered frogs, snails, baguettes, wine, cigarettes, cuisine, cheese, complaining and strikes, no one brought up the infamous onion ‘necklaces’.

Our French members also had a few amusing things to tell us about the French view of the British, particularly as regards sense of humour.

Our next meeting on Tuesday, November 26 will be an informal gathering with members sharing, mostly in French, whichever topic interests them. There should be plenty of funny stories and perhaps some exciting holidays reported.

Anyone interested in French and French culture is welcome. As usual, the venue is Holy Redeemer church hall in Upper Church Road at 2.30pm.