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On September 27 Vijay Mehta came to give a talk and facilitate a discussion on How the West Fuels War and Poverty, which is the theme of his book The Economics of Killing.

He is an international speaker and global activist for peace, development and human rights. He is the chairman of Uniting for Peace, and his life is devoted to the service of peace, humanity and our planet.

Some topics covered were the cost of violence to the world economy of 11 per cent of global GDP, rise in militarism, the pillars of peace, and reducing inequality.

There was an in-depth discussion following his talk which raised many valid issues that gave rise to concerns for those who attended the meeting. For further information there are summative notes on his talk available to download from the website, www.unitingforpeace.org.

Vijay concluded his talk as follows: “Let’s work for the day when people seeking peace will be in the majority, barriers to peace will be lowered and the future will be safe and secure, and war will be abolished. Think what are the great threats facing humanity, what can be done about them, how will each of you make a difference in creating a better tomorrow.”