Harvey wins demonstration event at Crufts

A FIVE-year-old Labrador became the first dog to win a special demonstration event during the world famous Crufts competition.

Harvey and his owner Willie Wicking, 53, who lives in Rye, scooped the Gun Dog Scurry title at the NEC near Birmingham.

It was organised by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation and 14 dogs were entered.

Willie had to send Harvey out into the packed arena to find a canvas dummy of a bird which had been hidden away.

He found the first bird in 15 seconds and the second one in just eight seconds.

It was the first time the event had been held at Crufts and Harvey earned his owner a cut crystal glass trophy.

Willie, who is a member of the Hastings Bonfire Society, said: “Harvey was fantastic.

“He was not overawed and went about finding the bird in his normal way. He was so well behaved and found the birds so quickly.

“It was just a brilliant experience for both of us and I am so proud of him.”

Last year Harvey finished 16th in the World Mitsubishi gun dog championships held at Weston Park in south Staffordshire.

Simon Clarke, press officer for BASC, said: “This was the first time we have held a demonstration event for the working dogs.

“It was an attempt to show people just what these dogs can do.
“They are wonderful animals to watch in action. They flush out and retrieve game very effectively.

“Game shooting is getting more and more popular and dogs like Harvey are very sought after.”