Hannah’s heartfelt plea for Cameron

Hannah Blomfied, from Hastings, has written a letter to David Cameron about the possible closure of William Parker running track. 22/8/12
Hannah Blomfied, from Hastings, has written a letter to David Cameron about the possible closure of William Parker running track. 22/8/12

A NINE-year-old girl who dreams of being an Olympic athlete has made a heartfelt plea to the Prime Minister David Cameron to help save her running track from possible closure.

Little Hannah Blomfield was so moved after reading last week’s front page of The Observer she was determined to take action.

The youngster from Old London Road, Hastings, has this week written a letter to Mr Cameron asking him to intervene to save the track at William Parker Sports College.

As reported last week, the ageing track is in danger of closure after it was revealed there was no funding available to resurface it.

Hannah, who has already shown future potential, fought back the tears as she said:

“I would be really upset if the track closes down.

“I watched the Olympics and was really inspired by people like Mo Farah. I want to be in that stadium being cheered on by all those people.

“I am getting quicker and have already won some races and medals.

“I don’t want to train so far away from home. I’ll probably end up running along the seafront.

“I would miss all my friends too. I suppose I would just have to train with my Dad.

“My brother would not have a chance to run either as it may close by the time he is old enough.”

Hannah is already running with the under 11 age group at Hastings Athletics Club and is on the right track for success.

Club chairman Digger Brodrick said she needs a proper track if she is ever going to achieve her dreams.

“Hannah has a lot of potential,” he said. “She is already running with the under 11 year group.

“But she has no chance of becoming the next Paula Radcliffe if she can’t keep doing proper track lap training right into her teens.

“Success breeds success. If she does well then other kids want to be like her.

“She shows great promise and we must not allow that to be lost. I hope the Prime Minister listens to her.”

Hannah’s father Peter, 42, took up running in 2009 when he started putting on weight when he gave up smoking.

He said: “We first took Hannah down the track on her eighth birthday and she took to it like a duck to water.

“She has lots of friends down there now and her little brother Thomas want to join too when old enough.

“She is very determined and when she heard about the state of the track she was heartbroken.

“She penned this little letter and it really is from the heart.

“I would take her to Eastbourne or Ashford but I don’t see why I should have to.

“It’s like a Mexican stand off at the moment. Nobody seems to be able to agree to anything.

“What generation is David Cameron trying to inspire.

“The track is crucial for local kid. It keeps them off the streets and gives them good exercise.

“It saves money in the long run because it saves kids from becoming obese.

“The government needs to get out of its Ivory Tower and come a few miles down the road and see what is happening in the real world. It comes to something when a little girl has to beg a Prime Minister to save her running track.”

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