Handy hygiene advice to help stop infections spreading

PATIENTS and visitors to the Conquest Hospital were offered advice on how to prevent infections spreading.

The hospital’s infection control team were out in force to promote good hand hygiene as part of a world-wide campaign on Monday.

They gave patients, visitors and staff tips and advice as part of World Hand Hygiene Day, which is run by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The initiative aims to continue to raise awareness of the importance of good hand hygiene in reducing the risk of healthcare associated infection.

Tina Lloyd, the hospital trust’s deputy director of infection prevention and control, said: “Good hand hygiene is the single most effective way of preventing and controlling the spread of infection. By simply washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water or by using hand sanitising gel, the chances of spreading infections are significantly reduced.

“It is important everyone plays their part in helping to prevent infection and we will continue to work hard to send out the message that people need to keep their hands clean.”