Hair colouring tool set to brush aside old techniques

Karen and William Sparacia demonstrating their new hair colour tool at a show in Vietnam in August 2014 SUS-141216-132226001
Karen and William Sparacia demonstrating their new hair colour tool at a show in Vietnam in August 2014 SUS-141216-132226001

Two talented hair stylists are celebrating after their unique hair colouring tool, that is taking the world of hairdressing by storm, was patented.

International stylists, husband-and-wife team Karen and William Sparacia, owners of local salons Sculpture, York Place Hastings, and High Street, Rye, say the colouring tool they designed took years to research and is set to revolutionise the way hair is coloured.

Karen said: “We’d been working on the idea for three years and we checked with every country to make sure that no one had the same idea as us. It’s a revolutionary tool called Colour Placement System (CPS) that we launched two years ago and it’s not been seen in the public domain anywhere in the world.”

Both William and Karen are highly experienced and trained stylists. William trained with the some of the biggest names in hairdressing, including Toni & Guy, L’Oreal and Wella. He has also worked extensively as a stylist for Italian television, and for top fashion magazines including

Karen also studied under Antenna, and Pivot Point is a qualified makeup artist. She is Sculpture’s operational director and product advisor for CPS, and is responsible for coordinating training courses and seminars.

In addition to the two local salons/training academy the Sparacia family have salons in Lanzarote and Italy.

Karen said CPS came about after they identified the need for a more technically-evolved colour placement technique. She said: “After many years in the world of colour, with many techniques achieved with outdated tools, we decided the time was right to design new tools. We worked on the principle that, rather than changing the technique simply to achieve a new ‘look’ in terms of results, that the colour tools themselves needed to be reinvented to create a completely new system that was easier, more efficient and uniquely suited to enhancing greater stylist creativity.”

Karen said the revolutionary concept that served as the springboard for CPS literally turned traditional colouring techniques, such as using foil and mesh, ‘on their head’ by defying gravity and working upwards. She said: “CPS tools allow gravity to work with, not against, colour application. It’s easy to use and saves time.”

CPS now holds patents in the UK, EU, and the USA, with patents pending in the rest of the world. CPS is also endorsed by City & Guilds and Habia, Italy. Karen added: “It’s a massive thing to get a patent granted. What we’ve achieved is huge - it’s just amazing.”