Gypsy complaint is turned down

A COUPLE opposed to a gypsy site being built yards from their retirement home have had a complaint against the council’s planning procedure dismissed by the Royal Town and Planning Institute (RTPI).

Peter and Patricia Knight were desperate to stop the two caravan pitch being built in a field in front of their bungalow in Crowhurst Road just off Queensway, St Leonards.

In February the council granted planning permission for the change of use of the land for the development of the pitches. The couple wrote to the RTPI to complain the planning procedure was unfair. They claimed the site was too close to their home, they were not receiving any compensation and the proximity to Queensway made the site dangerous for families wanting to cross to use the amenities on the Robsack estate. But the RTPI did not uphold the complaint. They have already had one offer for their property withdrawn. They claim the buyer learned of the plans for the gypsy site. The couple moved into their two bedroom home in 2000 as they retired from work.

Mrs Knight said: “We’re bitterly disappointed. We bought the property because of its idyllic location but we don’t want this site almost in our back yard. We are not entitled to a penny of compensation despite our property price plummeting as a result of the planning permission. We came here to enjoy our retirement and we don’t want all this stress and anxiety.

“On one side we will be faced with the Bexhill Link Road and the other a gypsy site. I just want to leave and move elsewhere but we can’t even do that now.”