Gull shot in Hastings

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Following last week’s story about a gull being ‘kicked like a football’, the RSPCA has today (Wednesday, May 6) said a bird was shot in Hastings.

“We have had a report about another gull who was shot in Stone Street, Hastings, on Monday, April 27,” said a spokesman.

“The caller saw the bird drop suddenly from a roof into a garden, where it was found unable to stand.

“They called the RSPCA and we took the gull to our nearby RSPCA Mallydams Wildlife Centre where he was examined by a vet.

“There was no external injuries, but an X-ray revealed a pellet which had lodged in the spine – the likely cause of the bird being unable to stand.

“He did not recover on treatment so he very sadly was put to sleep to prevent further suffering.”

RSPCA inspector Ali Edwards said: “Once again, this case highlights the number of attacks we see against these birds – a lot of them callous and cruel.

“Last year there were a few reports of the birds being shot in this same area, and we urge people to remember that it is an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act to intentionally kill or injure a wild bird, unless under licence.

“Herring gulls are actually a species of conservation concern in the UK – research has shown that overall gull populations are actually in decline.

“We urge people to be tolerant of the wildlife living around them.”

RSPCA urges tolerance after bird kicked like ‘a football’ in Hastings