GSUS Live - 3D styley

Ark William Parker Academy students and the GSUS bus SUS-150514-123627001
Ark William Parker Academy students and the GSUS bus SUS-150514-123627001

Students at Ark William Parker Academy had the opportunity to explore a range of moral dilemmas within a Christian context via an interactive experience on the ‘GSUS Live’ bus.

Christian Schools Workers Hastings parked the ‘GSUS Live bus’ (which is actually a trailer) at the school for 5 days (April 27-May 1).

The interactive experience gave students the opportunity to explore issues of fear, rejection and forgiveness within a Christian context; it is an interactive digital programme where students consider moral dilemmas.

A spokesperson for Ark William Parker said: “On entering the bus, students received 3D glasses to enable them to view an introductory video and identify 3 words that would appear on screen: fear, rejection and forgiveness.

“Afterwards, they watched in amazement as individual computer screens automatically rose from the desks, ready for the next stage.”

Students were given a choice of scenarios to further explore. These included ‘Ben’, whose brother had run away after stealing from the home; ‘Kylie’, who felt she could not visit her friend in hospital, as her Nan had recently died in hospital and ‘Jack’ who had recently started to be bullied and was worried about going to school.

The spokesman said the experience had been well received. “Students participated enthusiastically in the interactive presentation of the scenarios; they had to think about how either Ben, Kylie or Jack should respond and advise them accordingly. “When asked what they liked about the bus, one student said, ‘It’s great! Just come in here.’ Another said, “I really like the music.” And one made a comment that there could have been more about Jesus!”

“The ‘GSUS Live’ bus is an extraordinary resource; the students were tremendously responsive to both the presentation and the issues. There will be a follow-up lesson to reflect upon the issues raised.”