Grateful family raises cash for kids’ charity

Chase with his brother along with the charity's secretary Sarah Lawason
Chase with his brother along with the charity's secretary Sarah Lawason

THE FAMILY of a boy with cerebral palsy have raised more than £1,000 for the charity which gave the little lad a specialist tricycle to help improve his balance.

Young Chase Wells has diplegic cerebral palsy which affects his balance and co-ordination and makes it difficult to walk longer distances without pain.

His family therefore wanted to raise money to fund the trike which would not only help Chase improve his balance, but enable him to build more strength in his legs.

Hastings-based Charity for Kids came to the rescue and presented Chase, who lives in nearby Bexhill, with the new piece of kit at Bohemia Road Fire Station last month. And, as a thank you, Chase’s family set about raising a pot of cash to give to the charity so it can continue to help poorly children across 1066 Country.

Formed in August 2011, Charity for Kids supports sick, disabled or terminally ill youngster in Hastings, Bexhill, Battle and the surrounding area. It is run by a team of volunteers, meaning all funds go towards helping local families.

Plans are afoot to open a much-needed respite centre and a host of fundraisers have been organised to help fund the ambitious scheme.

In April, a group of cyclists will ride through Europe, visiting France, Belgium, Holland and Germany in just four days. Readers can sponsor the riders online at

And in August the charity’s chairman Paul Harris will join two Bexhill locals in tackling the English Channel in a swimming relay. The swimmers can be sponsored at Visit