Got a question for Amber?

OBSERVER readers will get the chance to quiz MP Amber Rudd as she prepares to mark 12 months in the job.

In three weeks, it will be one year since Ms Rudd unseated Labour’s Michael Foster to re-take the town for the Tories after 13 years in the wilderness.

And Ms Rudd has agreed to take part in an unusual interview – where all the questions will be submitted by members of the public. So if you want to ask the MP anything, about the cuts, health, schools or her future plans for Hastings and St Leonards then this is your chance.

Questions can be emailed to or sent to Rob Alderson, c/o Hastings Observer, Woods House, Telford Road, St Leonards, TN38 9LZ and must include your full name, age and the street where you live.

The Observer will choose the questions that represent the best cross-section of those submitted, and reserves the right to edit the wording.