Ghoulish request for the living to haunt Old Town...

A ghost in All Saints Church graveyard?
A ghost in All Saints Church graveyard?

ONLY the bravest venture into the Old Town after dark, as unknown spectres may be lurking around every corner.

The Haunted Experiences team is looking for volunteers to join their skeleton crew ahead of the 18th birthday celebrations of the Hastings Old Town Ghost Walk.

Volunteers are needed to haunt the streets as characters from the stories, and to provide eerie sound effects as a backdrop to the tours.

New recruits must not be easily spooked as most of the events take place after dark.

Tour producer Tina Brown said: “I am looking for people who are a bit creative, and a sense of humour is definitely the most important thing.

“Ideally we would like four to five volunteers for each tour, and we need as many volunteers as possible over the summer months, which are especially busy.”

Recruits would be using their imagination to play characters from the ghostly tales, so the sky is the limit in terms of interpretation.

Volunteers must be available during Hastings Old Town Week from Friday, July 29, and would be asked to help out on tours once or twice a week over the summer period. After helping with several events, they would be rewarded with complimentary tickets for future events.

Those with a passion for the history of the Old Town, a love of all things ghostly, and a keen sense of fun are invited to attend an audition, where along with other prospective volunteers, their ghoulish credentials will be put to the test with a small group tour out on the streets of the Old Town.

Auditions are to be held in the coming week, so for more information or to sign up as a volunteer, contact Tina Brown on 07817 686781 or email: