Get onboard One Longest Day

The Longest Day - watch our mini movie!
The Longest Day - watch our mini movie!

Today, June 21, is the summer solstice - the longest day of the year. And we want you to help us capture it on film.

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, whoever you are with - we want you to share it with us.

We want to capture a snapshot of life in this area today. A picture of how our community is living life and enjoying it to the full.

We are asking you to stop the clock and give us a few minutes of your time to send us your videos and your photographs.

At work or at play, having fun or just doing what you normally do on any Friday, why not capture it and send your clip to us.

Our own journalists and photographers will be out and about taking pictures and shooting video, but we want your contributions, too. We will be producing a video compilation of some of your most interesting clips which will available for viewing on this website by the end of the day.

It should make fabulous viewing.

It’s all part of our “Summer of Love” campaign, to celebrate what’s best about our bit of England.

So please get out there and get clicking!

If it’s video you are sending us, one clip per person and no longer than ten seconds.

Please include your name and send your clip - now - to

Just a few moments of your time, please, on this one summer’s day.