Gardening items seized from drugs raid donated to good causes

PC Lloyd Archer with soil bags seized at cannabis factory raid
PC Lloyd Archer with soil bags seized at cannabis factory raid

SOIL and plant pots seized from cannabis growers in a recent police raid have been put to good use.

Following the execution of a drug warrant at a flat in Marina, St Leonards, PC Lloyd Archer of Hastings Neighbourhood Police Team, came up with the idea to distribute the items to deserving causes and organisations around town.

The St Andrews Residents (STAR) received 12 bags of soil and 400 new plant pots, the Isabel Blackman Centre, in Winding Street received six bags of soil and 100 new plant pots and St Michael’s Hospice received 50 bags of soil and 700 new plant pots.

Hastings Police regularly carry out warrants and often are left with soil that in usual circumstances would be thrown in a skip.

However Hastings Police ask charities and residents associations who would like to receive any soil seized in the future to contact their local PCSO.

PC Lloyd Archer said: “Not only will this save charities and associations a large sum of money, it is a great way to promote the seizure of items from the cannabis growers and dealers and to give something back to the community after disrupting the drug trade in the town.”