Garden birds are under threat, says RSPB

SOME of our best loved garden birds are continuing to decline, says the RSPB.

The conservation body spoke out as it released the results of its Big Garden Birdwatch Survey 2013 this week.

A number of species remain on the UK’s Red List - meaning they are of high level conservation concern.

Starlings hit an all-time low in the Birdwatch last year and their numbers sunk by a further 16 per cent in gardens this year.

The numbers of house sparrows, also on the red-list, dropped by 17 per cent in gardens compared to 2012, while bullfinches and dunnocks, both amber-listed, fell by 20 per cent and 13 per cent respectively.

Martin Harper, RSPB conservation director, said: ”We know from the many people who take part in Big Garden Birdwatch every year that garden birds are incredibly precious to us and connect us to nature every day.

“Several of our familiar and best-loved species have been declining at alarming rates over the 34 years that the RSPB has been running the Birdwatch and this year’s results show a continuing decline.”