Fury over pot holed car park

The car park at Rock-a-Nore
The car park at Rock-a-Nore

A MOTORIST is demanding action over the numerous pot holes that plague the well-used Rock-a-Nore car park, Old Town.

Kevin Head, 69, of Old Roar Road, is urging the council to take action over the site which he claims has been neglected.

The car park, which charges £1 an hour, is co-owned by Hastings Borough Council and the Foreshore Trust, and is managed by the council.

Kevin wants to know if money generated from car park is being used to improve it.

The 69-year-old said: “It hasn’t been maintained. The surface is full of craters and it’s just got worse over the years. It’s got more craters that the moon. How can we talk up Hastings when one of the most used car parks in Hastings is in such poor condition. Visitors go to that car park once and they do not want to come back. This is a disgrace and it should not be allowed to deteriorate. At the weekend children were ankle deep in water as they got out of their cars. To actually charge people to paddle to and from their cars is not how Hastings should be perceived. The revenue generated from this car park should be ploughed straight back into providing a proper surface which visitors would be happy to pay for.”

Kevin Boorman, council spokesman, said: “Hastings Borough Council is aware of the condition of the Rock-a-Nore car park and the fact that it has large potholes, and it has suffered badly over the last few weeks because of the weather. The cost of resurfacing the car park is very costly but the council and the Foreshore Trust are working together on a long-term solution to improve the condition of the car park over two to three years. But in the short term, the council will be making repairs to the car park when the weather has improve and in for the summer season.”