Fundraising birthday fun

Burt and Sheila Mayatt
Burt and Sheila Mayatt

BERT and Sheila Mayatt have raised in excess of £3,000 for St Michael’s Hospice by turning their 70th birthday celebrations into fundraising events.

On August 17 Bert’s birthday party at the West Hill Community Centre was attended by more than 200 family members and friends.

Guests were invited to make donations to the charity, and the total raised came to £1,946.

This came after Sheila’s 70th birthday party, at the same venue in February of this year, reported in the Observer, at which £1,066 was raised for the hospice.

Bert and Sheila, of Bembrooke Road, who have four children, nine grandchildren, and six great grandchildren, decided to support St Michael’s Hospice, as many people close to them have suffered from cancer.

Sheila said: “We decided to raise money as a lot of family members have had cancer.

“My father died of cancer aged 60 and so did my brother when he was 55.”

She said that they were astonished by the amount raised and would like to thank family, friends and the sponsors of the event.

Community fundraiser, Amanda Hildreth, said: “Friends of Sheila and Bert have received care at St Michael’s Hospice in the past and they also have family and friends who currently have cancer.

“Raising this money is their way of showing support of work done by the hospice and also a way of remembering their loved ones. Mr and Mrs Mayatt are an incredibly kind and supportive couple and we can’t thank them enough for their generosity.”