Fruit and Fairtrade tea replace bread and wine at new Thursday night fellowship

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TRADITIONALLY Christians worship on a Sunday, Jews on a Saturday and Muslims on a Friday.

But here in St Leonards a group of believers have started a Thursday prayer club - with the first meeting taking place later this month.

Jeremy Goring, one of the organisers, explained: “There were a group of people who used to meet on a Thursday and pray so we decided to set up a Thursday Fellowship meeting each week.

“Although grounded in Christianity, the members of the fellowship all have profound respect for the insights of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and other world faiths.

“We believe that the Holy Spirit is now powerfully at work in the world, breaking down the barriers that separate people of different races and religions.”

At the Thursday gatherings, which will take place at the Southwater Area Community Centre next to Warrior Square Station, there will be prayers, dancing, readings from the New Testament as well as recitals of popular psalms.

And unlike the usual offering of bred and wine, the communion will be made up of fresh fruit and cups of Fair Trade tea - because so far the members are all vegetarian.

The service runs from 7.45pm until 9.15pm. All are welcome. For further information ring 01424 717622.