Friends of Speckled Wood campaign gathering pace

CAMPAIGNERS fighting to save an area of woodland from development will be out in force tomorrow (Saturday) in a bid to get public support for their cause.

The Friends of Speckled Wood are calling for the public to sign a petition as the woodland area in Ore is under threat of possible development of new houses.

Martin Newbold, spokesman for the Friends of Speckled Wood, said: “The council’s Development Management Plan (DMP) gives three options for the future development of the Upper Ore Valley and Speckled Wood but we want another option added, that of no development to be made in the woodland.

“We are going to be in Priory Meadow all day tomorrow and will have approximately 2,000 response forms and a stand outside Clinton Cards. We would be grateful if the community would spend a few minutes to complete the form and help us with this fight to keep the centre of our village as it is a beautiful woodland ghyll for future generations to enjoy. To date 649 objections have already come in.”

Speckled Wood is situated between Old London Road, Greville Road and Frederick Road, with entrances by the Salvation Army citadel, Frederick Road and Victoria Avenue.

In September 2012 campaigners from the Friends of Speckled Wood handed over a petition containing more than 1,200 signatures of support for their cause to the council’s deputy leader Cllr Peter Chowney.

The DMP is available at the Town Hall for the public to view and comment on until Tuesday (April 22).

Paper copies of the Friends of Speckled Wood petition are available to sign at Ore Library, The Bridge Centre in Priory Road and Ore Community Centre in Old London Road.

Alternatively visit