Former solicitor publishes book in her thriller series

Marion Eaton
Marion Eaton

A RETIRED Hastings solicitor has just published her second book in a mystery series and will be celebrating with a book signing at Priory Meadow Shopping Centre in July.

Marion Eaton, who practised as a solicitor in Hastings for more than 20 years and lives in Westfield, has written her second book in her Mysterious Marsh series, When the Tide Turned. It comes hot of the heels of her successful debut novel When the Clocks Stopped, which was published last July.

Both books are based on and around Romney Marsh in the late 1970s and follow the adventures of a young lawyer confronting corruption, evil and intrigue spanning two centuries.

Marion said: “I started writing a memoir about being a young solicitor in Romney Marsh but then the memoir grew into something more extraordinary. It has been such fun. It is wonderful to be so creative although it has been a long process and you don’t realise how much editing needs to be done! But it’s been really exciting.”

The author has sold some 800 copies of When the Clocks Stopped and is also launching a novella, The Elephants’ Child, set in Bombay (now Mumbai) in 1954, which captures India as seen through the eyes of a six-year-old English girl struggling to find love and friendship. The book signing is on Friday, July 4, 9am and 5pm at Priory Meadow Shopping Centre. Marion’s books are available at