Fond memories of much-loved club

Electric Six - one of the many bands to play The Crypt
Electric Six - one of the many bands to play The Crypt
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REVELLERS have flooded the Observer office with fond memories of now closed town centre nightspot The Crypt.

As revealed in last week’s paper, the popular Havelock Road live music venue has closed - along with the nearby Street and Hunny Lulu’s bars.

Since then, dozens of people have been in touch, keen to share their own personal Crypt stories and pay tribute to the hang-out.

Veronique Pullen was one of the first, saying: “I did my time there circa 1992 and met some really good people (including my partner of nearly 20 years) who worked there. Thanks Pete and Simon (Wilkes - the brothers who ran it for 20 years), it was a well-spent youth.”

Glyn Hayler, who started going to The Crypt in 1988, continued in a similar vein.

He said: “I remember seeing some amazing DJs there before they made it big, including John Digweed and Carl Cox.

“We used to joke that it was a bit like a septic tank with a bar as it was a place where you got dressed down to go to, not dressed up, as any decent clothes would inevitably get ruined.”

“My sister met her husband in The Crypt and my nephew met his wife there so it has a lot to answer for.”

And, expanding on what he said last week, the club’s resident DJ Charly Cheeba looked back fondly - having played to more than 500,000 punters at the venue.

He said: “I worked at The Crypt from the August Bank Holiday weekend of 1988 to the day it shut - and I have a ton of fond memories of the place.

“One of the more printable ones that readily springs to mind was the night Muse played.

“They were on the bottom of a three band bill and the audience was comprised of me, some of the members of the other bands and maybe as many as six paying customers.

“They were simply astonishing - and I was absolutely convinced that they were going to be mega-stars.”

The future of the venue is still unclear, although London-based agents Fleurets Limited has already show half a dozen interested parties round the premises.

And anyone local looking to keep The Crypt intact is welcome to book an appointment, provided they can stump up the £99,000 price tag that’s been slapped on the much-loved venue.