Five minutes with Skunk Anansie

Skunk Anansie rocked the Dragon Bar. Lead singer Skin pictured.
Skunk Anansie rocked the Dragon Bar. Lead singer Skin pictured.

SKUNK Anansie embraced the spirit of Fat Tuesday, right down to the upside down moustaches the four were sporting by way of a costume later in the evening.

Shortly before taking to the stage at The Carlisle for their final set, lead singer Skin, and drummer Mark Richardson, took time out to talk to the Observer.

More accustomed to playing arenas in recent decades than pubs, both were nonetheless more than happy to be supporting Hastings Fat Tuesday.

Skin said: “It’s a laugh yeah, it’s been really funny. It’s nothing for us to turn up and play a few songs, you know?

“This is easy and it’s fun. I just got beer poured all down me, and that hasn’t happened for quite a few decades, so that was quite a moment.

“Fat Tuesday really encourages that mentality to be in a band, to play live, and to be good.”

Mark added: “There’s obviously a fantastic music scene here, so it’s good to come down and witness it first hand.

“The Seaview Project is a really good thing as well which is what it’s in aid of tonight.”

The band had come straight to Hastings from shooting a video for This is not a Game from their new album Black Traffic, and Fat Tuesday was their first time performing live in 2013.

As a band that has achieved international success, performing within touching distance of the crowd is highly unusual, and as Skin found out, Hastings punters like to get involved.

“There was a funny moment in The Nelson. In between the songs, I had a sip of water and this woman walked on and said ‘can I take my photo with you?’, and I was like I’m in the middle of a gig, I’m kind of busy!”