Fishing beach clean at Hastings reels in the rubbish

Volunteers help to clean up the fishing beach at Rock a Nore, Hastings SUS-180829-120230001
Volunteers help to clean up the fishing beach at Rock a Nore, Hastings SUS-180829-120230001

The start of a long term project to help the fishermen of Hastings clean up the fishing beach at Rock a Nore commenced on Saturday, August 18.

This very special beach clean was organised by Colin Darbyshire and he says that though only a small area was covered that day, they will be making subsequent cleans over the next couple of years to cover the entire beach. “The fishing beach, which many people may not know, is a private area as it is a working fishing beach and a dangerous area,” he said.

“As such, due to health and safety, we were granted permission from the fishermen and the Hastings Fishermens’ Protection Society to take a small group, kindly supervised by the fishermen for safety, to clean up the fishing beach.

“This is a large area and heavily used. On top of trying to keep the area clean, the fishermen have to deal with tourist plastic rubbish blowing in, as well as constant fly tippers.

“We worked on what is a small section of fishing beach, with an aim to repeating our success across the full fishing beach area over time.

“This will be a long term effort. We have worked together to make an amazing start to a long term project, which we are please to say will happening regularly over the coming years.

“With everyone’s help, we will be able to help Hastings work towards it’s plastic free status.

“Thank you to the amazing fishing beach clean team, fishermen and Fishermen’s Protection Society for kicking off a massive project to clean up the working fishing beach in Hastings.”

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