First of BMX and skateboard park 3D plans

editorial image

Revealed this week is a 3D plan showing how the former small swimming pool at the White Rock baths will be developed into a beginners skatepark, part of a project, costing just over £1 million, to transform the site into a world-class BMX and skateboard park.

The project is being developed by the Source, a successful BMX and skateboard retailer, in partnership with Hastings Borough Council, and will include a main skatepark, a small beginners skatepark plaza, a retail store, a cafe, a reception, and outdoor ramps.

This 3D plan shows the beginners skatepark, which will feature smaller ramps where young riders can learn to ride before progressing to the main competition course. The main skatepark will be a world-class competition standard park designed by one of the world’s leading designers, plans for which will be released later in the year.

In April, two business partners, brothers Rich and Marc Moore, who own the Source which is located in Braybrooke Terrace, were given the go-ahead by the council to develop the site. And the fitting out of the building, as well as the equipment, is being provided by the Source at an estimated value of £226,000.

Rich, managing director of the Source, said: “We’re committed to creating the most famous skatepark and retail store in Europe on the former White Rock baths site. We’re making a big long-term investment in bringing this iconic building back to life for use by residents of Hastings that will also attract visitors from all over the UK and beyond.”

The park, which could see some 66,000 visitors spending £2.9 million in the town each year, is being funded through a variety of grants and loans. Hastings Borough Council has pledged up to £172,000 by way of a grant to the Foreshore Trust, which owns the building, plus a loan of £300,000, which is to be funded by rental income. The Foreshore Trust will invest £150,000, and East Sussex County Council has agreed a grant of £320,000 and a loan of £28,000 from the East Sussex Invest business support scheme.