Firework leaves woman with painful face injury

A close-up of the injury to Pamela Crow's face
A close-up of the injury to Pamela Crow's face

A MORRIS dancer fears she could have lost an eye after a firework struck her in the face.

Pamela Crow was taking part in a procession at Robertsbridge Bonfire Society’s firework celebrations when the missile hit her.

The 53-year-old, of Harley Shute Road, St Leonards, said: “I was in the procession which went very well but did not see much of the fireworks as I was injured and had to be led away by several marshals.

“I was looking up when a cartridge from the firework display plummeted down and hit me on the face.

“I was stunned and called to the marshal for a first aider. My face was covered in blood and I could see my cheek swelling instantly.

“Several marshals wearing crash helmets escorted me to first aid, where my cut was treated and glued to stop the bleeding.”

The finance assistant, who works at Rye College, said she was representing Fishbone Ash Morris dancing group, in the procession at the event on November 20.

It is the fifth year in a row she has taken part.

Mrs Crow said: “At the time I was behind the safety barriers and there were plenty of children about.

“The next day my right eye and cheek were badly swollen and even now, almost two weeks later, it is still bruised and very painful.”

She said she is unable to put her contact lense in properly in her right eye and still finds it hard to breathe through her nose.

Mrs Crow added: “The fireworks used now are more like missiles and obviously what goes up with force comes back down with force.

“There was a lot of ash falling from the fireworks and so I couldn’t look directly upwards. If I had, I could well have lost an eye.”

Sam Moon, secretary of Robertsbridge Bonfire Society, said the organisation had since held a meeting following Mrs Crow’s injury.

She said: “We risk assess our whole event and undergo planning meetings with the police, environmental health and parish council.

“The areas in which people are allowed to view are deemed safe by all of these authorities and anything like this happening is a rarity.

“Unfortunately there is always going to be an element of risk whenever anyone attends any bonfire event anywhere in Sussex.

“We are very sorry to hear that Mrs Crow was injured and hope she has a speedy recovery,” she added.