Film-maker hopes new comedy will be a big hit

David Bryant at Sussex Coast College, Hastings
David Bryant at Sussex Coast College, Hastings

FOLLOWING on from the success of his first solo feature film, David Bryant has high hopes for the next project, a comedy set in Hastings.

David, 38, of George Street, won Best Screenplay at the Golden Door Film Festival of New Jersey, and the El Capitan Drama Award at the Yosemite Film Festival, for feature film Victims.

His next film, The All-Dayer, is a low budget indie romantic comedy, which he says has a similar feel to Human Traffic (released in 1999), and is confident will have a wide appeal.

He said: “We haven’t really had a film like that in the UK for a long time.

“Filming around Hastings will give it a different look to most films of this kind which are quite urban.”

The All-Dayer revolves around a group of fed-up twenty-somethings who through the course of a Valentine’s Day pub crawl change the direction of their lives.

The film will be made on a budget of around £5,000, with a very small cast and crew, and use familiar locations around the town.

Filming will take place from March 18 to 25, and will include a range of pub locations, plus a student house, and David is open to suggestions.

He would also like to hear from local actors, would-be extras, and anyone else interested in lending a hand.

The plan is to submit the film, which is written and directed by David, and produced by Ben Richards, to independent festivals worldwide, with the ultimate aim being to secure cinema release and distribution.

David can be contacted by email on