Federation of Holistic Therapists, Hastings and Rother

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THE Federation of Holistic Therapists Local Support Group for Hastings and Rother is once again meeting on Wednesday, June 5 at 7.30pm at the WRVS Centre, South Street, St Leonards.

Our speaker this month will be Simon Gall who will talk about and demonstrate the wonders of Thai Foot Massage. Simon is a holistic therapist working in London and the South East, is the founder and Principal of The London School of Traditional Massage (LSTM).

His holistic approach combines massage, exercise prescription, and nutrition, for the benefit of individual and corporate clients at his practice in the south east.

Thai foot massage is a massage of the lower legs and feet that originated in Thailand about 2,000 years ago. It has become an integral part of traditional Thai massage and has elements of shiatsu, reflexology, Chinese massage and yoga incorporated into the massage itself.

Thai foot massage involves hands on stretching and massage, along with the use of a stick to stimulate the reflex points. It is still taught by Buddhist monks in the temples of Thailand.

Traditional Thai massage and Thai foot massage compliment each other beautifully. Thai massage balances the elements of the mind and body, while Thai foot massage stimulates the internal organs, giving the receiver an holistic treatment.

Our meetings are open to all therapists and members of the public who wish to know more about holistic therapies, so come along with your friends and meet like-minded people and enjoy a coffee and a networking opportunity.

Contact Margaret Trowell on 07941 414360 for more information.