Federation of Holistic Therapists

THE next meeting of the Federation of Holistic Therapists’ local support group will be on Wednesday, October 9 at 7.30pm at the WRVS Centre, South Street, St Leonards.

Our guest speaker this month will be Tony Sherry, of ECH Therapies, who will demonstrate the Emmett Technique which offers equine, human and canine clients increased movement and improved quality of life by relieving pain and discomfort.

How does it work? Emmett Techniques uses the application of light finger pressure at specific points on the body, similar to the workings of a touch-screen and the body responds to this light touch by changing muscle tension and action.

Symptoms that may be assisted are back and hip discomfort; neck and shoulder, knee and ankle restrictions, heel and foot pain, migraine and cluster headaches, breathing problems, sinus congestion, abdominal cramps and much, much more.

Tony will be asking for volunteers from the audience so if you or a friend would like to know more about this technique our meetings are open to everyone, members of the FHT and non-members. Two CPD points for therapists. Come and network over a cup of coffee afterwards and talk to like-minded therapists, feel free to bring your leaflets and business cards etc.

For more information please call Margaret Trowell on 01424 433254 or Glynis Foord on 07811 969840.